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Experience the newest generation of meditation cushions.

 Wisdom Travelers exclusive! Wisdom Travelers exclusive! 



We'd like to introduce you to our meditation cushions.

We use lightweight,innovative foam with cored holes , light fabrics, and a patented fast-locking valve.

Our products are environment friendly and feel pleasant even when next to the skin.

They are actually a pleasure to sit on.

Because the cushion is filled with air the body’s weight gets distributed

more evenly and it will minimize the pain on the pressure points.

Choosing the right meditation cushion can mean the difference between

a painful or a comfortable sitting; and being able to sit in a relaxed way,

without pain, you can get the maximum benefit from your practice.

Sit in comfort with our Self-Inflating Meditation Cushion. A Wisdom Travelers' exclusive.

Just loosen the valve and it inflates automatically! It's also adjustable

-soft (less air)

-hard (more air)